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Friday, May 7, 2010

When you shoot the messenger, the smoke lingers.

Jesselyn Radack, of GAP is still being investigated after 7 years for ethics violations when she leeked how FBI agents were improperly questioning “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh without his attorney present.  I am disgusted by the endless pursuit of government attorneys who aid the wrongdoers, cover up the violations of law and have a bottomless pit of money to retaliate against whistleblowers.  Ms. Radack is the subject of a modern day bitch hunt.  I feel Ms. Radack's pain because I too have endured a similar experience.      

In a nutshell, as a federal service employee I was severely retaliated against after reporting fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement and a substantial and specific danger to public health and safety at HHS.  There were numerous violations of law including grantees of HHS that did not have buildings or programs, grantees that were unlicensed to care for minors operating in prohibition of State and Federal law, grantees that used forced labor contracts on minors and youth, shell non-profit corporations, false outcomes reported to Congress and the substandard and mistreatment of vulnerable runaway and homeless children.  

The initial request for stay and appeal in June 2008, provided emails between HHS managers, some using their home email addresses discussed my whistleblower status.  My direct supervisor went so far as to describe that if word got out I "would have broad protections" under the Whistleblower Protection and No Fear Acts.  As the case progressed, I submitted clear and convincing evidence that HHS was in fact allowing grantees to blantantly violate State of California licensure law when caring for minors and federal law that required fingerprinting and background checks on grantee workers caring for minors.  

After approximately 2 years of retaliation, I was fired.  6 months later I settled.  2 months after that I found out that I was never actually fired, HHS just stopped paying me.  My case is currently before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit charging HHS and the MSPB ALJ with hiding evidence of wrongdoing, retaliation and perpetrating a fraud.  The ALJ is licensed in California. HHS counsel is licensed in the State of Washington. 

Washington Post: DC Bar Still Pursuing DOJ Leaker After Seven Years

May 6, 2010

Summary: This article discusses how GAP Homeland Security Director Jesselyn Radack blew the whistle on ethics violations by the Department of Justice, and how retaliation from the agency has lead to the DC Bar Association still investigating her seven years later.http://blog.washingtonpost.com/spy-talk/2010/05/dc_bar_still_pursuing_doj_leak.html

To read more about Ms. Radack, see below.   

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